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FAL appreciation topic (Archived)
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Only play the game for a couple hours a week and.. (Archived)therickmu25212/14/2012
Double XP is live (Archived)Lord_TenseEye812/14/2012
Nuketown is back! (Archived)Liquid Snake2112/14/2012
with extreme conditioning/combat knife u can sprint for 8 secs. in real life... (Archived)Best_PK_In_AC612/14/2012
Does the SVU remind anybody of the MW2 M21?(Gameplay wise obviously) (Archived)zerooo0912/14/2012
My mommy is getting my this for christmas!! (Archived)X_ULTIMA_X512/14/2012
S12 needs a huge buff (Archived)
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There is nothing better than hearing the fear in the other teams voice when (Archived)
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Why do people think the MP7 is so great? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
People still use the term "Hard scoping?" (Archived)Zegma310612/14/2012
Why can you only get one bloodthirsty per life? (Archived)ADemonicMuffin612/14/2012
dear kiddies tac inserting to the ramp on Carrier and headglitching with snipers (Archived)forgotten0285912/14/2012
I wanna do Tower of Babble today, wanna join me? (Archived)J1Z034212/14/2012
which mode for most xp? (Archived)
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Elite Extension (Archived)theLongR0D112/14/2012
People with high blood pressure or anger issues shouldn't play!!! (Archived)MrMonkhouse612/14/2012
Does anyone remember HeavenlyAxe? Call of Duty LEGEND. (Archived)KingUrs29712/14/2012
the lag isnt activisions or treyarchs fault (Archived)SupremeArticle412/14/2012
Left thumb gets sore from clicking. (Archived)
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Net Shark1112/14/2012
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