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it lets you choose a connection in League play, so why not in MP? (Archived)SECRETSQUIRRRL812/12/2012
I need tips for ballista and I have a question about my emblem (Archived)DIECASTC00K312/12/2012
Can someone explain lag compensation to me? (Archived)
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When will nuketown zombies be available? (Archived)SaintAmaris512/12/2012
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Servers down for anyone? (Archived)AestheticaLZ212/12/2012
I just need four bloodthirstys for a gold knife (Archived)raymanfan1612/12/2012
Squirtle emblem I made (Archived)
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If i can REPORT an Emblem...why cant I LIKE an emblem as well? (Archived)
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Let's all complain to David Vonderhaar on Twitter.... (Archived)
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Cannot remember if Double XP is JUST in-game xp, or everything else? (Archived)DoNotPassGoPSMO212/12/2012
If you are fed up like me, then please stop playing for now. (Archived)
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Devs are going to be playing this... (Archived)
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(Poll) So I've bought every Call of Duty, map pack, Elite, etc... (Poll)
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Strike Force in Tactical View only (Archived)nissan skyline712/12/2012
minnesotaburns new gt? (Archived)Orumov8888812/12/2012
This Is What Rockets Have Become (Archived)DragulaRULEZ612/12/2012
TranZit Avagadro glitch? (Archived)Tyriepw112/12/2012
Error Modifying session. (Archived)Inflikt3dSaint112/12/2012
Stock w/ ARs = a must IMO (Archived)
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