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Call of duty Is not the best selling franchise (Archived)
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Why is boosting up for bans? (Archived)
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C4 should not be destroyable. (Archived)
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Anybody think hunter killers are over powered? (Archived)Emir_Parkreiner612/13/2012
I'd love to be the guy who reviews all the reported emblems. (Archived)
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Any other SMR users?! (Archived)
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Sign here if you have the Executioner mastery title. (Archived)MexiRicanMoFo612/13/2012
That feel when your sentry gun is destroyed instantly (Archived)
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88-11 Kill Confirm, Double Warthog/Dogs/Swarm (Archived)hyperpowder512/13/2012
EMP nades don't need a nerf (Archived)tajoun21912/13/2012
Whats up with camping hate?? (Archived)
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Lightweight Toughness Dexterity (Archived)Loshadt912/13/2012
C/D: Another shooter can't kill CoD unless it has 60 FPS. (Archived)
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Would you accept LMGs having an innate Juggernaut perk? (Archived)
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I like how 3ARC tries to help players by telling them to listen to footsteps (Archived)
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