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Had the luckiest match of CoD ever (Archived)velvet_hammer412/13/2012
When is it ok to team kill? (Archived)RazorSharp02312/13/2012
My k/d ratio on Bo2; 3.10, MW3: 3.52, Bo1: 4.00 - Get on my level (Archived)
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I left black ops 2 for a greener pasture and I have got to say, it's much better (Archived)chickenlard412/13/2012
Unlimited Stackable killstreaks makes this game worthless. (Archived)I WIll Not Stab You612/13/2012
If this song played in Plaza's club, I would never leave that part of the map. (Archived)Lerthyr312/13/2012
Dumbest things you hear people say (Archived)
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My most treasured kill. (Archived)DamenMartinez512/13/2012
Best killstreak combo is VSAT>Warthog>Lodestar (Archived)Velociswagger512/13/2012
We're WINNING this fight (Archived)Xpwnage123312/13/2012
Anybody here Speak Spanish? (Archived)
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Executioner Glitch (Archived)eddiethemc1012/13/2012
Ever feel like you are not playing the same game as everyone else? (Archived)buckethead1978512/13/2012
Wasting my time? (Archived)TheRealJayveezy412/13/2012
Best CoD player in Black Ops 2 (proof/video inside) (Archived)
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The AK is the best AR in every CoD it's been in (Archived)
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do you get... (Archived)invictius212/13/2012
What about being on fire inspires zombies to run so quickly? (Archived)NobleRoar412/13/2012
Not allowed to have fun. (Archived)MichaelMateria212/13/2012
I don't report offensive emblems like 9/11, the holocaust, etc (Archived)
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