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When is CoD gonna die? (Archived)
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to all the people excited for nuketown zombies... (Archived)Trigg3rH4ppy1012/12/2012
Why does a UAV have as much health as a Stealth Chopper? (Archived)
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Last night I overkilled 2guns on my no perk / no attachment class for gold camo (Archived)Baseballtitan312/12/2012
Do you HAVE to Prestige? (Archived)spindler011012/12/2012
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How to get elec zombie to corn maze tower?? (Archived)Zombie2626812/12/2012
I hope this game never gets a map editor cos my wife is absolutely beautiful (Archived)
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How did my sensor grenade kill someone ?! (Archived)
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Call of Duty in a nutshell (Archived)NarutoTaio612/12/2012
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C/D: You prefer the default dot over any special one (Archived)
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Camping is fine (Archived)AintThatSerious512/12/2012
If you've gotten one, how did you get your first quad feed of Black Ops 2? (Archived)
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Has anyone tried to kill someone by shooting a basketball? (Archived)SHIGGY4LIFE412/12/2012