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Anyone have that video of the lag compensation video on Express? (Archived)SicSlayer812/13/2012
I Love Weed 00 is a booster (Archived)Hiraishin812/13/2012
Bruta1 Karnag3 is a booster (Archived)
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Does anyone else's game stutter for a good 6 or so seconds every now and then? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
* like if you Remeber this* (Archived)HomieKnockout1012/13/2012
game has been out for ages, still no one goes below deck on Hijacked (Archived)
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Am i the only person who Loves this game? (Archived)
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Ghost perk question??? (Archived)heman66212/13/2012
Is the SBMM the cause of the bad lag? (Archived)nuschler2212312/13/2012
Can someone please explain (Archived)Everton4Life17412/13/2012
Suffer with me - Gunship sequence (Archived)Killeryoshi8912/13/2012
I can tell when the game is going to be laggy.... (Archived)nuschler2212212/13/2012
overflow + Mk-48 + target finder = (Archived)wakingdacadaver112/13/2012
How good could Infected be in this game? (Archived)Kyondre6112/13/2012
My Bankshot.. (Archived)GODx_x666612/13/2012
boosting (Archived)dollardrafts812/13/2012
Why does Treyarchtivision hate Russians? :( (Archived)
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Ever since I heard about the plot to kill Justin Bieber..... (Archived)Mander1861712/13/2012
Playstyles (Archived)endeavourz112/13/2012
Black Ops 2 or Far Cry 3? (Archived)myhappycakeoven912/13/2012
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