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Explain how the hell this happens. This game blows. (Archived)
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Ollie The Magic Bum3812/12/2012
Its someones emblem is just a big black box does that mean they got banned from (Archived)SonyHoundDawg512/12/2012
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challenges vs k/d ratio (Archived)KompressorBenz1012/12/2012
Questin about bad players (Archived)mw2boosterlolz512/12/2012
For the first time ever, I actually died before I was even respawned (Archived)
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best guns after patch now (Archived)
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Lag plus Assault shield=bad time (Archived)Emir_Parkreiner112/12/2012
Wow...this hotfix that just happened actually screwed up the game. (Archived)
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Offensive emblem makers need to start standing up for themselves, (Archived)Mander1861312/12/2012
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Why do people waste the opportunity to be creative? (Emblem editor) (Archived)
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