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Got reset, WTH ? (Archived)JamieAubrey01412/13/2012
Wow being host SUCKS (Archived)ICantNameGud1012/13/2012
So easy to get bloodthirstys withe the B23R yet... (Archived)jasonkingmark912/13/2012
gold?? (Archived)jhaze2212/13/2012
Why did Treyarch follow Infinity Ward's trend? (Archived)
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Found a way to play Nuketown 24/7 online. (Archived)therickmu25112/13/2012
Is the dude saying five dollar? (Archived)Net Shark512/13/2012
Finally made it to the 9 point K/D club.. (Archived)
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Did they fix the connections just in time for that playing with the devs thing? (Archived)Lord_TenseEye312/13/2012
so whats the deal with unlocking calling cards? (Archived)patrick_4784512/13/2012
I wish Treyarch would balance FFA, and Scorestreaks better, but sadly they wont (Archived)
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Thank God for care packages (Archived)Admiral_Xyes112/13/2012
You can have infinite sprint. (Archived)Linctagon7612/13/2012
C'est la fois de faire un topic en francais! Venez-vous, tout le monde! (Archived)
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What counts as a quad feed? (Archived)puppet99812/13/2012
Target Finder: Biggest crutch CoD has ever given to its players? (Archived)
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Do the party games affect your kdr? (Archived)Hephaestos312/13/2012
Favorite prestige emblems? (Poll)
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what you guys think of nuketown zombies? (Archived)Orumov8888912/13/2012
Seriously, why do people care about K/D so much? (Archived)
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