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Lawl I'm getting roflstomped. This class is garbage. (Archived)ICantNameGud812/11/2012
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Any way to make fire in an emblem? (Archived)ageofrocking912/11/2012
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If this game had Specialist what would your preferred setup be? (Archived)CallMeSeeker312/11/2012
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I feel like out of all SMGs I do worse with the PDW. (Archived)PharoahPelican912/11/2012
What's a good vehicle people always sit around? (SMAW related) (Archived)
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Maybe if I didn't get so annoyed easily when I played this I'd do better... (Archived)
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Hardpoint is the best gametype. (Archived)
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What are the new Hardcore team killer phrases? (Archived)aj4x94212/11/2012
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peoples connection bars going to red (Archived)
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What can I do with my unused Nuketown Zombie Map Code? (Archived)QUIK712/11/2012
Clutch of the century! (Archived)
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where's our new maps we want DLC!!!! (Archived)Hiraishin1012/11/2012
Nuketown Zombies.. (Archived)
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i get dogs legit for the first time and right away host crashes game (Archived)Crimson_Jesus612/11/2012