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It's hard to believe how difficult Long Shots are to come by. (Archived)
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Just made the jet gun in zombies...? (Archived)thatman6sic6212/12/2012
Which game has a better balance in pistols? MW2 or BO2? (Poll)known2FAIL612/12/2012
Do LMG's benefit much from FMJ? (Archived)
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Some less-often-discussed things I do not like about BO2 (long, but just glance) (Archived)MegaTape13912/12/2012
Had a strange effect a few days ago when I go the mystery box in zombies (Archived)S0uIjaBoYisKiNG512/12/2012
I don't think I'll ever get my AA gold <_< (Archived)
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Nefy's Pro Tip of the Day #1 (Archived)NarutoTaio812/12/2012
Why are you still playing? (Archived)
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My strategy for 15+ headshots per game. (Archived)kakorate712/12/2012
Like Overkill, there should be an Underkill (Archived)
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MMS > RDS (Archived)Baseballtitan612/12/2012
Looks like Cold-Blooded is becoming a must-have 2nd perk now. (Target Finder) (Archived)NBA2KXX812/12/2012
When is CoD gonna die? (Archived)
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to all the people excited for nuketown zombies... (Archived)Trigg3rH4ppy1012/12/2012
Why does a UAV have as much health as a Stealth Chopper? (Archived)
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Funny moments / Epic fails (Archived)Algandars212/12/2012
Pick ten system (Archived)LivingTroughIce812/12/2012
So what is the complain narative focusing on these days? (Archived)Terror_and_Love112/12/2012
looking for best loadouts for all game modes. (Archived)combatbear82312/12/2012