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BO2 map tiers (Archived)
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Probation Hotfix what did it change? (Archived)The_Gun_Sh0w112/12/2012
ultra rapid kills (Archived)Bs_Jester212/12/2012
wow this game dropped to number 2? guess people were right... (Archived)
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Probation for Zombies (Archived)
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I hate those teamates who stand by a doorway and wont let you out (Archived)hyperpowder812/12/2012
Am I mean? (Archived)natedude0903812/12/2012
I was literally just part of a 75-1 TDM game. (Archived)CommanderF9agy812/12/2012
where can I watch livestream of other gamers? on COD? (Archived)ReggieBush09512/12/2012
What's the address of the guy who came up w/ the idea of Strike Force? (Archived)_Moron_712/12/2012
Does reporting people's emblems actually do anything? (Archived)
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The reason you like CoD is because the feeling of gambling (Archived)M16Crowbar412/12/2012
Constant disconnects anyone? (Archived)eddiethemc112/12/2012
If you could create your own scorestreak... (Archived)
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I carried my team to a hijack map win. (Archived)ReggieBush09112/12/2012
Is it just me or is the servers laggy right now? (Archived)
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So yeh, unlocked my first gold camo (Archived)
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Went 25-1 in Kill Confirmed, got called a Hacker and was reported after match (Archived)NarutoTaio612/12/2012
Theater freezing on certain film, not saving awesome matches? (Archived)eddiethemc112/12/2012
you guys ever think of lag may be mistaken for bullet velocity delay? (Archived)
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