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Started Using the KSG Expecting my K/D to Drop... (Archived)
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Strikeforce Ground Teams Won't Move (Archived)blazefoxx50312/12/2012
Warthog on Hardcore TAKES NO PRISONERS! (Archived)known2FAIL412/12/2012
I hope they return the M8A1 back to how it was. Also, will they nerf PDW/MSMC? (Archived)Afghan_Whig777512/12/2012
Are stats in combat training recorded? (Archived)Hagan212/12/2012
Tokens??? (Archived)damion025212/12/2012
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So with the Double XP happening this weekend... does that mean Nuketown 24/7? (Archived)Government_Food612/12/2012
Am I the Only One not Experiencing Lag Problems? (Archived)ageofrocking812/12/2012
Will people report the emblem I made? (Archived)Admiral_Xyes512/12/2012
I haven't played ANY shooters since Perfect Dark 64. What should I expect? (Archived)
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I really didn't like the campaign in this one. (Archived)raymanfan1412/12/2012
I loved the first black ops. (Archived)
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Having trouble getting the 2nd set of camo challenges done for gold? (Archived)fatclemenza812/12/2012
my friend wants to join the army now because of BO2 (Archived)
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Interruption Connected (Archived)Nyangasm312/12/2012
So I can't believe how much the game sucks tonight. (Archived)ICantNameGud112/12/2012
I'm pretty bad at this game. (Archived)
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So this game is literally completely broken now. (Archived)
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If you want to get better at CoD, those who think they suck... (Archived)raymanfan1312/12/2012