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Sick of the lag? (Archived)
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B23R is a fun little gun. what attachment though? (Archived)clonetrooper312/11/2012
Do guns level up half as fast in combat training too? (Archived)DurableDoor024312/11/2012
I am amazed. (Archived)
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i need an awesome team of zombies players. (Archived)trentasaurus19212/11/2012
need 2 players for tranzit. must be good players too (Archived)trentasaurus19112/11/2012
lag wtf? (Archived)
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Does the grip help with select fire? (Archived)Killosopher512/11/2012
Does the DSR scope pull up slower than the ballista? (Archived)
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Any deals on this game ( doing some Christmas shopping) (Archived)djshowstopper87112/11/2012
Right, time to get a gold knife. (Archived)raymanfan1312/11/2012
Best Assault Rifle after the patch? (Archived)
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I never seem to survive taking damage in this game... Is that just me? (Archived)MegaTape13812/11/2012
So why play Dom if you aren't going to even try and capture a flag? (Archived)
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Is it me or does the FAL act funny with a supressor? (Archived)TheRedKirby512/11/2012
Running around like a madman with the Kap-40>any SMG (Archived)Darxide712/11/2012
What's your K/D ratio? (Archived)
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Demolition challenges glitched (Archived)Disflex6112/11/2012
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