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Favorite prestige emblems? (Poll)
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what you guys think of nuketown zombies? (Archived)Orumov8888912/13/2012
Seriously, why do people care about K/D so much? (Archived)
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M8A1: Great weapon or GREATEST weapon? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
buying the game new is the only way to get nuketown? (Archived)the_reaper849312/13/2012
knife fix (Archived)Draconilian1012/13/2012
Do New Copies Still Come With A Nuketown Code? (Archived)That_Anti_Hero1012/13/2012
perk suggestions (Archived)Draconilian112/13/2012
Call Signs (Archived)BobReill312/13/2012
Assault shield no weapon camo (Archived)TheRealJayveezy412/13/2012
Would you buy either of these: (Archived)gvandale912/13/2012
Where is Bot Stomp?? Can you you scorestreaks? (Archived)sauron0379212/13/2012
The match is about to begin. Need more players to balance teams. The match is a (Archived)Skello1O812/13/2012
Finally made it to the .01 K/d club (Archived)Whiteboysgoat612/13/2012
any other heterosexual COD players? (Archived)locustactivist812/13/2012
wierd glitch (Archived)itachitheone812/13/2012
Worst fanbase? (Archived)
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Will the Double XP weekend mean the return of..... (Archived)JPSTheBigFella412/13/2012
funny 1 vs 1 (Archived)L0Z112/13/2012
any other gay COD players? (Archived)
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