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With chances of survival and overall success so low, this game feels less fun. (Archived)
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Howard Stern BO 2 midnight release (Archived)DXiRoNMaN112/12/2012
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Post blops 1 KD and blops 2 KD and primary game type. (Archived)
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Poll: How old are you Now? + Until what Age will you keep playing Call of Duty ? (Poll)
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I suck at aiming (Archived)Dahaganu512/12/2012
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So what determines your avatar in this game? (Archived)
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Do sensor grenades work in Harcodre mode? (Archived)FirebyrdXX312/12/2012
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Gamertag Ideas!? (Archived)
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Playing Grief mode on Town and Bar door glitched (Archived)Legit_Allmighty312/12/2012
what is in the season pass? (Archived)memo76812/12/2012
Is the best Shotgun the Sega12 ? (Archived)
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and it begins with the release of the trailer for Nuketown Zombies. (Archived)XT3M3512/12/2012
Nuketown Zombies trailer (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band112/12/2012
Barrel Tubes = Awesome (Archived)HuffyChicken112/12/2012