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Shotgun LAG delayed deaths.... (Archived)Haru_XX511/22/2012
How do you throw your knife? (Archived)Government_Food511/22/2012
Anyone want to get permanent quick revive with me? (Archived)jason19192311/22/2012
Need Tips for going consistantly positive in this game... (Archived)
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well that's disappointing... you can't choose what classes bots use? (Archived)Littleshrtstout911/22/2012
Transit is different sometimes? (Archived)chromal187711/22/2012
In Black Ops I hardly used Ghost. Now I have it on every class. >_> (Archived)
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Zombies still the same? (Archived)snotboxrocker711/22/2012
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Anyone else wish they could just watch the campaign and not play it (Archived)LOLAKERS411/22/2012
good guide for zombies green run? (Archived)Killeryoshi8411/22/2012
Got a Sentry gun at the end of round 1 Dom... (Archived)Net Shark811/22/2012
My booty is mine, it belongs to me, you cant have my booty (Archived)
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Microsoft points for nuketown zombies (Archived)
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AN 94 + Select Fire + MMS + Grip = Beast. (Archived)venom_is_back111/22/2012
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M8A1 + Laser Sight + Select Fire + Extended Mag = (Archived)Linctagon71011/22/2012
I don't see how most people can play w/ Randoms nowadays. (Archived)
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