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Hiw did they think it was a good idea to have ghost at level 55? (Archived)ggrissom511/22/2012
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Zombies : Diner roof (Archived)
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Going for Masters in League Play (Archived)
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Looking for players for league play (Archived)xTHE_STANDARDx111/22/2012
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I heard Rapid Fire now actually decreases your range? (Archived)
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Guardians awesome? (Archived)yiangaruuuga811/22/2012
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Anyone Down for Tranzit tower of bable Right now? (Archived)
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I feel like I'm gimping myself if I don't use a sniper rifle (Archived)Astro_B0mb211/22/2012
Hardpoint = best mode (Archived)LightKiller99411/22/2012
Kill Confirmed fix.. (Archived)XxViewAskewII711/22/2012
If I'm close enough to **** you in the ass, I'm close enough to knife you. (Archived)Crimson_Jesus411/22/2012
Diner should also be its own map. (Archived)Garrafan111/22/2012
The empty spot under neither your prestige (Archived)xTHE_STANDARDx311/22/2012