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HD space? (Archived)MasterChef12411/22/2012
When do you think new dlc levels will come out? (Archived)necro00811/22/2012
Perma-perks (Archived)Tactical_Nuke1011/22/2012
Whats that map on the bottom left on zombies? (Archived)
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Did they make they lag on purpose? (Archived)clegg105511/22/2012
Would you say the game was worth it?... (Archived)joebainbridge811/22/2012
This game is as pathetic as the NY Jets (Archived)
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Target has 1600 msp for $10, Time to buy season pass? (Archived)
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Review: Call of Duty: Black Ops II is more of the same (Archived)
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The KSG is the most inconsistent weapon in the history of the series! (Archived)
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Can we get cod 4 maps? (Archived)
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Hosting Lobby to tank our K/Ds (Archived)
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Anyone else feel like express pops up too often? (Archived)ImperialDragon711/22/2012
Question for Zombies mode players (Archived)TheLastKrogan911/22/2012
Vector with laser sight is the best gun. (Archived)iamjosh308711/22/2012
Things to do while waiting to join a TranZit match... (Archived)Godzilla63711/22/2012
Mason is a very attractive individual. (Archived)Cpt_Calamity211/22/2012
Will this gaem be on sale tomorrow? (Archived)Axecident911/22/2012
Help with Perfect Ending (Spoilers) (Archived)stardustehero711/22/2012
None of the guns are all that unique or enjoyable. (Archived)
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