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If you're going to b**** and whine every time you die, please unplug your mic. (Archived)
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Best $200 headphones to hear footsteps? (Archived)
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Last night was bull.... (Archived)1969ShelbyGT500511/22/2012
i hate snipers on my team when its kill confirm (Archived)XMasterMarioX811/22/2012
Just ran into someone on 9th Prestige. (Archived)
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Super secret nuketown easter egg (mini games) (Archived)
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Difference in the knives? (Archived)jon davis411/22/2012
Looking for a Zombie team... (Archived)ZenzokukenX1011/22/2012
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All of the 2nd perks suck. =( (Archived)
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Instead of teabagging me, how about you f***ing revive me? (Archived)Tactical_Nuke1011/22/2012
Show your emblems (Archived)
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Am I the only one who doesn't see the lag comp? (Archived)
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NAT jumping from Open to Moderate? (Archived)
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C/D Have the UAV and CUAV drones appear on the minimap. (Poll)Cpt_Cracker911/22/2012
West coast people only suffer from lag (Archived)M16Crowbar711/22/2012
What age group do you think is the best at this game? (Archived)BXX346411/22/2012
ok so my grandma gave me 200 dollars 4 w/e. should i buy this game u guys ? (Archived)Best_PK_In_AC711/22/2012
Hallelujah! They fixed the spawns in the latest patch! (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band1011/22/2012