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NAT jumping from Open to Moderate? (Archived)
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C/D Have the UAV and CUAV drones appear on the minimap. (Poll)Cpt_Cracker911/22/2012
West coast people only suffer from lag (Archived)M16Crowbar711/22/2012
What age group do you think is the best at this game? (Archived)BXX346411/22/2012
ok so my grandma gave me 200 dollars 4 w/e. should i buy this game u guys ? (Archived)Best_PK_In_AC711/22/2012
Hallelujah! They fixed the spawns in the latest patch! (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band1011/22/2012
class setups? (Archived)Right_footerer311/22/2012
Halo 4 vs. BO2 (Archived)
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Is the '42' carved on the FAL a LOST reference? (Archived)AaronHutch211/22/2012
i can hear people on the other team after i kill them? (Archived)NinjaDeath911411/22/2012
LMAO @ how everyone screams when they die! (Archived)
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Why doesnt skrillex play in zombies for me? (Archived)WTFNightmare511/22/2012
I have a new rule (Archived)Styrof0am1011/22/2012
The latest patch notes (Archived)
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Campaign: Awful Graphics? (Archived)
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I love S&D players. (Archived)CloakedNub811/22/2012
Zombies Easter Egg? Anything Confirmed Yet? (Archived)DuskRipper411/22/2012
If you hack a CP using Black Hat, then try to steal it, does it explode on you? (Archived)talostheundying311/22/2012
I miss jugganaut (Archived)bigjman555411/22/2012
Always awkward.. (Archived)BDJayce311/22/2012