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I finally have the gold crossbow! (Archived)OmegaReaper21411/22/2012
Is this game bad, what with the reviews? (Archived)
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why does everyone leave the box behind in tranzit? (Archived)Trasken411/22/2012
Why do Treyarch Call of Duty games...? (Archived)cheechmooster1011/22/2012
Should I take this deal? (Archived)Michelangelo_x1411/22/2012
Zombie teammates! (Archived)Nate545411/22/2012
Where are all the laser turrets in Judgment Day? (Archived)PharoahPelican611/22/2012
Looking for decent players (Archived)
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Baseman (M)2811/22/2012
What is your drink of choice when you play? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ... 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 ]
Net Shark13211/22/2012
POLL: Best way to get good scores consistently: (Poll)iiTryhard1011/22/2012
When is Nuketown 2025 going to be in team dm? (Archived)necro00411/22/2012
Nuketown 2025 IS BACK GUYS!! WE WON!! (Archived)
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Major vision obstruction on Assault Shield (Archived)Admiral_Xyes711/22/2012
Need a team for zombies easter egg (Archived)Zombie0zen111/22/2012
SMG ADS with Ghost question (Archived)SonyNintendoFan511/22/2012
Im having trouble with system link zombies (Archived)Olde_English800211/22/2012
Nerf ADS raise/drop speed for SMG's (Archived)
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2 day Xbox live trial? (Archived)fizzle2222711/22/2012
Kill confirmed and harpoint players wanted (Archived)DurableDoor024111/22/2012
This community is terrible. (Archived)
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