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In a quest for Flopper in TranZit, I'll later do a game w only RPG + War Machine (Archived)Baseballtitan311/22/2012
So I got reset to my previous level (Archived)lagos4u2c111/22/2012
was the SAM turret op? why was it removed? (Archived)
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So i jumped in a game and died 3 times in under 5 seconds... (Archived)xxshagalatorxx111/22/2012
Lost Prestige? (Archived)Kieff_Kalina411/22/2012
Permanent zombie perks (Archived)Mrtyu111/22/2012
Do you still get a loss for leaving without spawning? (Archived)fatclemenza811/22/2012
Does it matter if I get a new or used copy of this game? (Archived)bLiNdSnIpErZ20411/22/2012
Storage question (Archived)Red_Magic336611/22/2012
Cold blooded doesn't work against target finder. (Archived)sal9e3s511/22/2012
One week into release and the game's future has been decided (Archived)PathlessBullet911/22/2012
tranzit connecting to match issues (Archived)Orumov8888311/22/2012
Happy Thanksgiving! (Archived)DVS_SMURF_9200211/22/2012
My Horse & Me 2 >>>>>>>>> Black Ops 2! (Archived)StealthTifa211/22/2012
How do you "re-roll" care packages? (Archived)beerhammer1411/22/2012
Need some Zombies teammates (Archived)PwnagePally311/22/2012
The HAMR.... (Archived)
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Who's british and playin blops 2 (Archived)Wil13_LQ311/22/2012
B.S. Ratio (Poll)Mander1861611/22/2012
If you're going to b**** and whine every time you die, please unplug your mic. (Archived)
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