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It took lag compensation, skill based MM, etc to finally make people honest. (Archived)Mander18611011/22/2012
4th person for zombies easter egg (Archived)Fricken_Oatmeal1011/22/2012
Is there a playlist to play the old domination format anywhere? (Archived)Mccoy7777811/22/2012
This matchmaking is going to (Archived)
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West coast players unite? (Archived)The_Last_Azn911/22/2012
How are people not complaining about the M8 yet? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What does the second number mean in TTK on the stats (Archived)Jello743211/22/2012
Anyone buying this tonight for Black Friday? (Archived)XLegendKillerX311/22/2012
They really need to add a do not join game in progress feature. (Archived)
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SMG gonna kill you (Archived)bebetoc211/22/2012
Please explain me all the Vector love. (Archived)dantegt41011/22/2012
Nuketown 2025 Code/trade (Archived)thegamer67111/22/2012
Extra Nuketown Zombie Code (Archived)
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Why is ttk lower for ars then smgs (Archived)
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knifing in One in the Chamber... (Archived)davidthedawg6391011/22/2012
Is there any reason to prestige your weapon, other than to unlock the XP? (Archived)BOSS52311/22/2012
Can you send all the Zombies to... (Archived)areeb319311/22/2012
How to improve? (Archived)Jprime666411/22/2012
In a quest for Flopper in TranZit, I'll later do a game w only RPG + War Machine (Archived)Baseballtitan311/22/2012
So I got reset to my previous level (Archived)lagos4u2c111/22/2012
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