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I rock at this game. Want to know my secret? (Archived)
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When did everyone get so fast? (Archived)
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why do I keep getting into games where i cant use my weapon classes? (Archived)Rophlecktuine611/21/2012
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Black hat is pretty good (Archived)v_Sly_v211/21/2012
Anyone have any real experience with warfare that theywill carry into this game? (Archived)iamjosh308511/21/2012
*sees him first, shoots first, I die first* (Archived)
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Which nerf would YOU give the SMGs? (Poll)
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Game is Unplayable = I CANNOT hear the Bootsteps! (Archived)
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Did you get your money's worth ? (Poll)outlawstar7788511/21/2012
No more nuketown? (Archived)Alivath411/21/2012
My custom classes reset when I enter MP...... (Archived)outlawstar7788711/21/2012
Assault Shield Melee should be One-Hit Kill (Archived)
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Post your favorite map (Archived)
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Are the sounds effects good enough you can hear shell casings hitting the ground (Archived)SixStringHero311/21/2012
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