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Gets ready to play, ques up 4 livestreams and virus scans. (Archived)Majik25411/21/2012
Now it's start to feel like black ops 2 (Archived)
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I haven't gotten this game yet and I know Dead Ops isn't in it (Archived)DeadSneasel311/21/2012
So what's the ****in deal with the video uploader? (Archived)haterstotheleft511/21/2012
Let's get in the holiday spirit everyone!! (Archived)XxViewAskewII911/21/2012
Anyone know what's up with the 1-bar plague? (Archived)
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You know what Call of Duty needs, more RTS segments (Archived)Emir_Parkreiner211/21/2012
Does dexterity make a huge difference? (Archived)
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The Fix For Lag Compensation Is Here (Archived)
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Brilliant idea for the next Call of Duty (Archived)
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are strikeforce missions needed for veteran achievement(s)? (Archived)kpearwut211/21/2012
What the mess happened to zombies? (Archived)DeroIin111/21/2012
Need 2 people for Tranzit (Archived)Blazefire_111/21/2012
Is FMJ just like stopping power? (Archived)M16Crowbar211/21/2012
I don't miss this game. (Archived)Assassin_X_Geth511/21/2012
Why does it seem like... (Archived)
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Why do are people so ungrateful these days? (Archived)areeb319111/21/2012
I capped my download speed and suddenly I'm winning fights.... (Archived)
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Is it just me? (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier211/21/2012
Which MP team announcer is your favorite? (poll) (Poll)MrArmageddon81011/21/2012