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Lag and this game. (Archived)ziadon611/19/2012
If your clan tag is [YOLO]... (Archived)HootieHoo911/19/2012
Every day I play.... (Archived)ktbandit311/19/2012
Nuketown 2025 Removed From Play (Archived)Victor_Jace111/19/2012
This game would 100 times better if I would get put on team decent players (Archived)InvalidMod311/19/2012
Racial slurs and excessive ignorance ... (Archived)fett44411/19/2012
Deus x EXE's guide to a high K/D, score, and women. (Archived)StroutX911/19/2012
What happened to nuketown (Archived)bucs65611/19/2012
Is anyone else having trouble with this CoD? (Archived)
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Anyone using LMGs? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I can't get the Achievement "back in time" (Archived)dragonfacer211/19/2012
I don't understand this game. (Archived)Krauser86311/19/2012
do weapons on your back slow you down? (Archived)TheSuperFloyd211/19/2012
Less than a week since launch and there's already little to no reason to buy new (Archived)Jackie_Chandler311/19/2012
How do you guys know nt wasnt removed to be put in reg playlists (Archived)pyrokinesis666211/19/2012
Most powerful SMG? (Archived)MrArmageddon81011/19/2012
This game worth gettin? (Archived)
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What's your favorite map so far? (Archived)
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*Gets a swarm in care package* (Archived)
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So.. why is the F/A-38 not a scorestreak reward? (Archived)ImperialDragon311/19/2012
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