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What if (Archived)Frost_Mirror411/19/2012
I FINALLY felt some of that lag you guys have been complaining about. OUCH! (Archived)curtland311/19/2012
Prestige Reset (Archived)noahdamjano211/19/2012
I reported this entire board... (Archived)inblackest73911/19/2012
How much will DLC cost? (Archived)blk911111/19/2012
good zombie players needed!!!! (Archived)willzor27111/19/2012
Post your favorite pick-10 loadout. (Archived)Moose_Of_Woe111/19/2012
Are you done with this game now that Nuketown 247 has been removed? (Poll)
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Any assault rifle not turn to garbage with a silencer? (Archived)Shesha511/19/2012
Any tips for wetwork challenge? (Archived)Haka_Yoshi311/19/2012
Veteran Campaign and Strike Force missions (maybe spoilers) (Archived)nissan skyline211/19/2012
What's with the 10 minute wait for a damn TDM game? (Archived)Sitrus_Daora111/19/2012
NEW: How to get 6 perks in TranZit. (Archived)Anon330411/19/2012
Made xjaws and his party rage quit (Archived)
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As far as i love this game, i cant defend the remove of Nuketown playlist (Archived)tactikz41011/19/2012
Still no restart from checkpoint command? (Archived)y000012500111/19/2012
I thought the knife lunge was gone (Archived)pyrokinesis6661011/19/2012
This is still up. (Archived)chocobo609711/19/2012
So, do you think they plan on making SMGs any less obnpxiously powerful? (Archived)Loshadt811/19/2012
Why do so many people play boring Team Death MAtch? (Archived)
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