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Game modes (Archived)ziadon111/19/2012
Everyone who thinks this game is bad is an old, grumpy, bore. (Archived)NotQuiteAFreak111/19/2012
I sold my Nuketown 2025 code for 20 GBP earlier today... (Archived)Tyler2002211/19/2012
HEY! Did you guys know there's other weapons besides the type-25?! (Archived)MrArmageddon8611/19/2012
Why all the salt about Nuketown 2025 24/7 (boy that's a mouthful) being removed? (Archived)Baseballtitan911/19/2012
So in-depth / cool is the main Tranzit easter egg? (Archived)pdizzles125111/19/2012
Just got the golden assault shield. (Archived)
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dead ops arcade in this? (Archived)DeathBySpam411/19/2012
Is Nuketown 2025 gone now or something? (Archived)ElGado411/19/2012
Preorder Black ops2 and get Nuketown2025 map (Archived)mrstriker815811/19/2012
someone explain ghost to me? (Archived)KeshaIsMyLove611/19/2012
M8A1 vs. An-94 (Poll)MrArmageddon8411/19/2012
Black Ops trolled my friend (Archived)DaleVsFAQ511/19/2012
Is my emblem inappropriate? (Archived)Amnesiac30311/19/2012
What is up Blops II board? How are you people liking the game so far? (Archived)Cop_Car111/19/2012
Anyone else having issue getting a game to start? (Archived)Gawl9427611/19/2012
Can someone please tell me (Archived)XLegendKillerX611/19/2012
So how good is the single player? (Archived)CalistoCoon411/19/2012
if you hate the game....why are you still here? (Archived)
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What can't the Black Hat PDA do? (Archived)
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