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This game is up in the air (Archived)
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Veteran Campaign was surprising easy this time around.... (Archived)StaticPenguin211/19/2012
What's the song that plays when hijacked loads? (Archived)blaze9990511/19/2012
mule-kick in tranzit? (Archived)Teh_5_Starz311/19/2012
So did I get the... "best" ending? :l (spoilers) (Archived)
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Does zombie match-making have stricter ping requirement? (Archived)Yangfelix111/19/2012
Tips on Bloodthirsty medals with knife? (Archived)Locke4382511/19/2012
Bang Bang. (Archived)JeremyHollers711/19/2012
I challenge you to find a corner on slums that doesn't have a barrel. (Archived)BipBapBam211/19/2012
My two cents on the game *spoilerish* (Archived)swongq211/19/2012
So when does this "lag compensation" everyone talking about kick in? (Archived)Yangfelix111/19/2012
Should I get this game? (Archived)
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My Tranzit zombie strategy. (also posted on the PS3 boards) (Archived)
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This game will never be played competetively (Archived)
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Crossbow and Ballistic Knife miss a lot? (Archived)CharityDiary611/19/2012
How to Do Better (Archived)NInjaZiru311/19/2012
Being able to switch between "Locking" or "Sharing" a care package would.. (Archived)
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PS3 got patch 1.03 on Sunday (Archived)Spring Rubber611/19/2012
I have no idea what to unlock forever (Archived)InvalidMod511/19/2012
why no hc dom or kc? (Archived)squidcow411/19/2012