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Being a tiny/jokish map, Nuketown is actually a really good map. (Archived)
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Done playing until noobs get bored of dying. (Archived)clegg105511/19/2012
Nuketown 24/7 was a lot of fun :( (Archived)wugeezy911/19/2012
Does the campaign save this game, seeing as how MP/Zombies was a disappointment? (Archived)
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ATTN: People mad about Nuketown (Archived)fatclemenza611/19/2012
Tower of Babble Group (Archived)xGenocidest111/19/2012
This game is such a TOTAL SCAM. (Archived)
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Quick question concerning Nuketown 2025 (Archived)mantoura411/19/2012
ITT you learn why Activision did nothing wrong by removing NukeTown. (Archived)
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Diving and leaning - do you use it? (Archived)Kiko_Maruna1011/19/2012
Remove K/D in Objective game modes (Archived)
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COD Fans have to be the most aggressive fanbase ever.... (Archived)xxghost12xx811/19/2012
how do i get that NUKETOWN title/callsign? (Archived)SaccharineSmile311/19/2012
2 biggest pet peeves (Archived)teeebz911/19/2012
campaign challenges (Archived)RockVanDam211/19/2012
Need good UK players (Archived)Haykier211/19/2012
so Black Ops 2 turns out to be the absolute bollocks. (Archived)madness82911/19/2012
Has Treyarch addressed anyone's complaints yet? (Archived)ps4me411/19/2012
Stats (Archived)zimm413111/19/2012
Black Ops 2: Best Ending (Spoilers) (Archived)Nexus_72111/19/2012
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