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So Raid is by far the worst map. (Archived)jon davis1011/19/2012
So wait, it is impossible to get everythong? (Archived)
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30+ Levels of xp lost! (Archived)
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ok so... moving around the main menu room (Archived)StroutX411/19/2012
Once you understand how to play and find a gun you're good with this game is.... (Archived)LeonKennedy28611/19/2012
Vtol Warship isn't that great for its amount of kills... (Archived)Timey_Wimey411/19/2012
Is COD dying ? :((( Black Ops 2 worst launch in COD history. (Archived)
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So does anyone know all of what Scavenger refills yet? (Archived)Krazoa2911/19/2012
Need more players to balance team...even though match lobby is full? (Archived)greatone101211/19/2012
Wait, where is the option to keep something unlocked through all prestiges? (Archived)SnarfMySnarf611/19/2012
I always watch the movie at the start of the game. When you first load it. (Archived)PharoahPelican311/19/2012
this game has grown on me (Archived)queirotacobell211/19/2012
Finally got the gold knife. (Archived)
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ATTN: Grief players. (Archived)Anon330211/19/2012
My god BLOPS 2 on Wii U is insane. (Archived)
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This game is a narcotic (Archived)garfee1011/19/2012
Did changing search preference help anyone else's lag? (Archived)Jprime666711/19/2012
Could these be the worst variety maps COD has ever seen? (Archived)Caolan_2k9611/19/2012
Nice when team work with randoms happens. (Archived)Net Shark111/19/2012
invisible stealth chopper (Archived)sampoelala511/19/2012