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Anybody loving LMGs like me? The LSAT is a lovely gun (Archived)
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What is the preferred smg? (Archived)
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Flak jacket doesn't work? (Archived)TutelarSword311/19/2012
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Do you get the same weapon exp for kills in all modes? (Archived)Zeusty311/19/2012
What is your K/D? (Poll)
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This campaign really gave me the sense of "crap we're screwed" ...(spoilers) (Archived)
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So then, how many levels did you grind on Double XP? (Archived)
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So, i have emailed 3Arc and Activision to remove Domination from the game list. (Archived)
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Is there a video somewhere (Archived)XLegendKillerX111/19/2012
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