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How is this game? (Archived)bLiNdSnIpErZ20811/18/2012
Thank god they removed panic knifing from this game (Archived)mexicannon911/18/2012
Queefs who quit because the turbine wasn't built by the first round. (Archived)gamezrochard111/18/2012
Don't currently have Live, worth a rent for the single player? (Archived)Slayer1217711/18/2012
Zombies anybody? (Archived)GenericSteve111/18/2012
Is it weird that I just play for fun and don't care how much I die, or if I win? (Archived)
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Anyone else here find the M1216 to kill better from the hip? (Archived)ArgentumVir311/18/2012
Tranzit anyone? (Archived)runnindude1236211/18/2012
Extra nuke town code (Archived)jclark210211/18/2012
Your K/D sucks because you can't abuse killstreaks (Archived)Robot_Soopa911/18/2012
Prestige Award question (Archived)falconbox585211/18/2012
lol, the lag is so bad that when I knife someone at point blank... (Archived)
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WoW!! Cry some more (Archived)RS_YELARAKA511/18/2012
Who needs an online pass and zero dark 30 map? (Archived)RyanJMcD711/18/2012
Lookout SMG User's (Archived)
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Anybody good wanna explain to me...... (Archived)
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retna scan in 60 seconds challenge help? (Archived)GotenkssjFused411/18/2012
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I miss Ice Cube :/ (Archived)
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