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Is Nuketown in the mix with the regular playlists?pdizzles125211/19/2012
Best campaign from MW1 to BO2?
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Nuketown 24/7 huh? It wasn't even up for ONE WEEK
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I love how the game gives me false hopePositronCannon511/19/2012
Tired of losing with bad teammates, anyone wanna party up for Search and DestroyPainoGamer711/19/2012
i love this game when doing good. hate it when doing bad.pyrokinesis666411/19/2012
How do I increase campaign difficulty?The_Last_Azn411/19/2012
Why does my game freeze when i try to do anything multiplayerdj4242511/19/2012
FHJ launcher not leveling up...... anyone else have this problem?Tomek9001411/19/2012
Black Ops II Button Layout Glitch on Xbox 360sukyboo311/19/2012
What gun is most like the F2000?cat2killer311/19/2012
The NukeTown Codes were selling for ~$10 on Ebayzerooriginal211/19/2012
Whats the best smg in the game and which attachments are best
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How CUAV Should have been.
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can someone teach me how to curve my bullets?stuey4pointo811/19/2012
not complaining but wondering what may be causing this problemnpo86411/19/2012
Is having an emblem as an emblem reportable?TinyTankX1011/19/2012
How does hardline work?_Xymemaru_V511/19/2012
Nuketown 2025...ghstbstr811/19/2012
This is pretty much how I feel about this game in a nutshell
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