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I got the Nuketown 2025 code but no zombies on that map (as far I can tell) (Archived)unpleasant_milk211/16/2012
About time for a DLC. Need more maps. (Archived)Ausgill411/16/2012
Would you still play Blops 2 if GTA 5 was already out? (Archived)
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Can I store money in the vault on solo zombies? (Archived)BignutzisBack211/16/2012
What if it's not actually 'Lag Compensation'... (Archived)gOwCoD4511/16/2012
i encourage everyone to do a full 360 as you spawn (Archived)KeshaIsMyLove211/16/2012
Just got reset (Archived)timinator8794211/16/2012
I finally found all three teddy bears on Nuketown zombies!! (Archived)sigma502411/16/2012
stock stalker (Archived)TecmoB0211/16/2012
So whats the two OP guns in this game? (Archived)
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870 and fast hands (Archived)xxfolkcorexx711/16/2012
quick question before buying the game (Archived)chipsNice611/16/2012
My First Prestige Match & Combat Record [ Live Commentary ] (Archived)iGBx311/16/2012
Gold camo rpg (Archived)sampoelala311/16/2012
Reticle color? (Archived)JeremyHollers511/16/2012
Please tell me the strike force things don't count (Archived)glassghost0811/16/2012
One thing that utterly annoys me (Archived)FantasyHerb111/16/2012
can someone explain to me about Karma *campaign spoilers* (Archived)TwisteDSpadeS311/16/2012
This game is frustrating. (Archived)DKrypton211/16/2012
Youtube Gameplay Video's (Archived)AngelicMeiko111/16/2012
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