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my only issue (Archived)carniveruspanda111/15/2012
Got killed seven times in a row by my own escort drone. (Archived)ImperialDragon311/15/2012
No Weaver? (Archived)nissan skyline311/15/2012
Double XP Weekend Start Time? (Archived)dangrela311/15/2012
can you remove/delete your league team and make a new one? (Archived)WTFNightmare311/15/2012
Black Hat OP? (Archived)
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How come when i shoot someone in the face it's not a headshot? (Archived)MrArmageddon8211/15/2012
How many bus stops are there (Archived)BignutzisBack611/15/2012
I played for 16 hours straight and I feel... (Archived)SonicFighterX211/15/2012
CoD needs to start doing respawn timers, 10 sec isnt long (Archived)
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i noticed the world in multipl that spins has almost no online players lit up... (Archived)StarmanAnthony211/15/2012
Map size comparison (Archived)melongstrike411/15/2012
Started out this game with a 2 KD and then it started dropping. A lot. (Archived)_HahaaE_611/15/2012
Let's pubstomp, GameFAQs style. (Archived)Disflex6211/15/2012
Okay my opinion? Y'all don't care but ima state it anyway! (Archived)ktbandit211/15/2012
I found out how to game the system and somewhat beat the "lag comp". (Archived)
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Pre-order from Gamestop.com hasn't shipped. (Archived)JeffreyVazquez211/15/2012
Nat type: moderate. Good or bad in this game? (Archived)richard423611/15/2012
Post here if you love to use shotguns or knife only. (Archived)vetsniper22311/15/2012
Dragonfire on nuketown is so fun (Archived)shemzahaay211/15/2012
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