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R870 MCS rocks (Archived)MillyMaNilly911/15/2012
Spoilers Questions about Harper. (Archived)Ramner84211/15/2012
What time does double XP start at? (Archived)dangrela111/15/2012
What's the difference between long barrel and laser sight on shotguns? (Archived)RodSmash911/15/2012
What's your preferred snack and drink while gaming??? (Archived)
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do you all know that you can prestige your weapons? (Archived)retroman20111/15/2012
Glad to see this games getting the attention it deserves.. (Archived)mcquizx511/15/2012
If I am 6 feet tall, and I stand behind a door that is 5'6" tall... (Archived)Hero_ofTime2010611/15/2012
*throws down 2 shock charges & a claymore* (Archived)
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Headset and Netflix - Help please (Archived)ado982L311/15/2012
What should i take into the first prestige? (Archived)X_ProwL811/15/2012
Servers (Archived)Nate545211/15/2012
How many campaign missions are there? *minor spoilers* (Archived)raymanfan1211/15/2012
Lol, I just saw my friends playing this in HD. (Archived)Groudon_Uzamaki211/15/2012
Basic logic dictates a "reload last checkpoint" option in single player (Archived)Hyrulesaver123511/15/2012
zombies.... (Archived)carniveruspanda511/15/2012
Plot holes / retcons between BO1 and BO2 (Archived)Jackalfox411/15/2012
my only issue (Archived)carniveruspanda111/15/2012
Got killed seven times in a row by my own escort drone. (Archived)ImperialDragon311/15/2012
No Weaver? (Archived)nissan skyline311/15/2012
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