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League play? (Archived)zeroshadow7111/15/2012
Zombies question? (Archived)narutofan16411/15/2012
Randomly joining Custom Games and losing classes (Archived)GamingLoser211/15/2012
If you think Shock Charges and Claymore are bad already (Archived)zerooriginal311/15/2012
Need some unbiased opinions on the games multiplayer. (Archived)
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Is this game worth getting and how does it compare to previous installments? (Archived)Mendoza818411/15/2012
portforwarding? (Archived)Fidchel111/15/2012
Prestiging question (Archived)BTM4444611/15/2012
Is double XP up yet? (Archived)YusukeUrameshi7311/15/2012
Tower Of Bable (Archived)
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to those on the fence... (Archived)flame030191211/15/2012
i prestiged but no prestige token? (Archived)DNemesis32311/15/2012
I am so let down by this multiplayer (Archived)Hypnotiq360411/15/2012
Preorder Questions (Archived)CODurb711/15/2012
How do you avoid this in the ending? *giga spoilers* (Archived)thompsontalker7411/15/2012
Hardest Cod to do good in? (Archived)II_Neon_II1011/15/2012
why everytime i see a "this game is bad" topic, they have to refer to their ... (Archived)yay4pachirisu811/15/2012
you know the real crime of this game! no its not the lag its not the maps its (Archived)SupremeArticle211/15/2012
To get the Master Killer challenge.. (Archived)Rome218111/15/2012
bad connection?:( (Archived)Fidchel411/15/2012
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