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Flashback choices... (Archived)VGMan01211/15/2012
Having fun using shotties with silencers but... (Archived)IStopVitalSignS411/15/2012
How do you level up the FHJ? (Archived)glassghost0811/15/2012
Not appearing on leaderboards? (Archived)Brodisi211/15/2012
This game is going to get better with patches (Archived)High_Warlord811/15/2012
Any black friday deals? (Archived)Merc0091011/15/2012
So it begins COD CYCLE (Archived)
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Rate Black Ops ii - categories (Archived)jeffo2448511/15/2012
How and when do you unlock the Strike Force Mission Dispatch? Sooo confused here (Archived)Hand7774511/15/2012
Here's how my campaign went (major spoilers...duh) (Archived)KroganBallEater311/15/2012
Stats not updating? (Archived)Escante411/15/2012
audio problems.. music is way to LOW.. all other sound is way too loud! (Archived)StarmanAnthony811/15/2012
So...why all the pre-launch hubbub about the MSMC? (Archived)
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Hey guys I get BO y Dos next tuesday! (Archived)Swagnoceros611/15/2012
Since I won't be getting the next Infinity ward game, my goal (Archived)chickenlard811/15/2012
This game is horse ***** (Archived)JBaLLEN661011/15/2012
A plea to all my teammates... (Archived)codyallen25811/15/2012
League play? (Archived)zeroshadow7111/15/2012
Zombies question? (Archived)narutofan16411/15/2012
Randomly joining Custom Games and losing classes (Archived)GamingLoser211/15/2012
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