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How is the FAL wihen you use the changy fire mode attachy thing? (Archived)Timey_Wimey411/15/2012
This game is MW3, I hate it, didn't enjoy myself once today in 10 matches (Archived)
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Will someone please GOML (Archived)YusukeUrameshi7911/15/2012
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Has your gun jammed so far? (Archived)zerooriginal411/15/2012
I've drank like 6 energy drinks over the last few hours (Archived)
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Should I get this game? (Archived)ps4wizard96211/15/2012
Created classes not saving? (Archived)ZyloWolfBane611/15/2012
Hey, any tips to the most effective "all-around" assault rifle is? (Archived)
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Anybody remember xRawinstinct? what happened to him? (Archived)xM40A3711/15/2012
On mission where i need to control forces by overhead command thing (Archived)Keyboard7611/15/2012
Not gonna lie, MMS is pretty great (Archived)RONIN_Y0JIMBO311/15/2012
Whats the Song that Plays during the Club Scene *Slight Spoilers* (Archived)ThePhantomZ111/15/2012
Question about how Local Multiplayer works (Archived)luffy513211/15/2012
What graphic content is present? [No Spoilers, Please] (Archived)VisualPendulum1011/15/2012
not being able to just knife a sentry or guardian....good or bad? (Archived)
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zombies a la carte (Archived)forgotten0285311/15/2012
Party games XP and stats (Archived)IrishSJ23811/15/2012
The token system is garbage (Archived)
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