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4.3 user score on metacritic (Archived)dolabla711/15/2012
Regarding all of these complaints.. (Archived)Q27211/15/2012
Call of UAV: SMG Ops. (Archived)
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The worst part of this game is the multiplayer menu music (Archived)metralo111/15/2012
Applying Your Custom Emblem to Guns? (Archived)PercySJ811/15/2012
How much will I like BO2 campaign if i rank the other ones like this... (Archived)Beaver_Castor511/15/2012
ITT I make a broad accusation to numerous users on this board. (Archived)Baseballtitan411/15/2012
complaints? i got a few. (Archived)ish0turfac3811/15/2012
Stop posting about the lag already, the servers are maxed out. (Archived)
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ITT: We list the God Tier guns. (Archived)
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Anyone know the specifis of Hardline in this one? (Archived)Ryyaann_Is_Band811/15/2012
Demolition Question (Archived)DontHoldBack911/15/2012
for people who complain about this game (Archived)
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Wait, so let me get this straight- (Archived)
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Let's talk Lag (Archived)
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Why is Tranzit so FREAKING stupidly designed? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
This community is obviously divided between two major sides. (Archived)SilverFTFD511/15/2012
Best gun? (Archived)GBDOTCOM611/15/2012
Am I the only one who thinks there's a huge lack of emblem parts? (Archived)ilikewalmart211/15/2012
The Maps. (Archived)rymo10311/15/2012
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