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Im pretty much getting this game for zombies (Archived)
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Best LOCAL deathmatch multiplayer: Black Ops 2 or Halo 4? (Archived)deeringer007511/15/2012
Shotguns still arent so good. (Archived)
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Black Ops 2 Gameplay Highlights (Archived)xrem1217311/15/2012
they need to rework their lag compensation. (Archived)
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del falco *spoiler* (Archived)swongq211/15/2012
Is the ingame narrator the same guy who narrates all of the shows on AMC? (Archived)Zblueshell14411/15/2012
The new Ghost perk explained. (Archived)
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read. (Archived)
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WOW! Already came across an aimbot hack... (Archived)Kovalchuk_611/15/2012
Anyone elses classes all messed up? (Archived)TheBlueChannel611/15/2012
Any perks or wild cards to make noob tubes better? (Archived)Woramot311/15/2012
Are they gonna fix the Lag Compensation or not? (Archived)
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i find that this game is great if you never touch TDM. (Archived)
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