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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 - Riptide Easter Egg (Archived)SuperWill3524311/15/2012
This game desperately needed destructable environments. (Archived)
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I would literally pay 60$ for a Re-Release of CoD4. (Archived)
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Does the game end the same way as every other CoD? *spoilers for all CoD games* (Archived)DirtBasedSoap311/15/2012
Why arnt the MP maps Zombie maps? Is it so people buy DLC? (Archived)velvet_hammer611/15/2012
Story is confusing me. So is that old guy that main character from Black Ops 1? (Archived)BeautyAndABeat411/15/2012
This Game is Terrible... (Archived)daniel1126661011/15/2012
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if one peron leaves in zombs high rd doesnt count (Archived)JohnWall32311/15/2012