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This might be the last time COD is like this (Archived)Armeda811/15/2012
Anyone want to team up for regular multi or zombies? (Archived)Ruzz9111/15/2012
Are you gonna buy the next Call of Duty? (Archived)
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Not gonna lie, changing search quality really helps. (Archived)Evil Squall1011/15/2012
Screen Glitch at the end of MP Matches (Archived)anthracite919511/15/2012
want this game (Archived)MunchyCookiez211/15/2012
Do you lose remaining unused tokens after you prestige? (Archived)SHIGGY4LIFE611/15/2012
Restarting story (Archived)0xHakux0611/15/2012
this game has no problems. (Archived)ish0turfac3111/15/2012
double xp (Archived)Hiraishin611/15/2012
What time will the double XP start? (Archived)vetsniper22211/15/2012
I need an explanation (Archived)tacoslayer89411/15/2012
No idea what is going on with my lag... (help!) (Archived)Keitas_413411/15/2012
Does anyone else hear a Grunt when you die? (Archived)ReggieBush09411/15/2012
Anyone ever check you controller for slow turn like this? (Archived)Net Shark511/15/2012
Pack a punch (Tranzit) (Archived)Ix_Rampage_xI211/15/2012
Which game mode gives you the most xp? (Archived)Takuru611/15/2012
So I went back to CoD4... (Archived)Branchos511/15/2012
The Problem with UAV and Ghost (Archived)
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Why are people complaining about the Laser? (Archived)
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