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I hope no guns get nerfed due to players being crybabies. (Archived)Soul_On_Display611/15/2012
Grief is SO terrible (Archived)XT3M3111/15/2012
you guys do realize that the game will get better when the patch stuff (Archived)
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Anyone notice theres not a single female soldier in ANY call of duty? (Archived)
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Lvl 24 and I have yet to check out my k/d (Archived)HomieKnockout611/15/2012
Anybody got the electric zombie to spawn on easy mode? (Archived)SteveBob111/15/2012
Ok.... (Archived)ZER0_74211/15/2012
I got went to the corniest Gamestop (Archived)DarkMarmar811/15/2012
How are you supposed to find uavs at plaza (Archived)jesse5128211/15/2012
Ghost? (Archived)YamatoBeats711/15/2012
Which gun is the closest to the P90? (Archived)GGearX811/15/2012
zomb public match stats (Archived)JohnWall32311/15/2012
strike missions...(spoilers?) (Archived)ShadowSamurai_X311/15/2012
Looking for some cool people to play with! (Archived)iEnlightened111/15/2012
Power in tranzit. (Archived)XOmegaProphetX311/15/2012
Multiplayer (Archived)falko2821511/15/2012
I just realized... everyone 1st prestige up are likely to have ghost... (Archived)
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Playlist Update (Archived)Telvanni_guard111/15/2012
FFFUUUUU!!!!! Is all I can say (spoilers). (Archived)sigma502111/15/2012
Wow the ending was.. spoiler! (Archived)swatkiller546611/15/2012
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