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Your K/D does not matter at all in this game... (Archived)ZenzokukenX911/15/2012
"SMG Gang or Die" (Archived)DarkMarmar111/15/2012
League Play Awaiting Placement...!?!? (Archived)dhewett2311/15/2012
Multiplayer seems so different....... (Archived)wugeezy311/15/2012
Campaign was amazing (Archived)iamjosh308411/15/2012
SMG are wrecking my face from every distance and shooting through everything (Archived)thebest99411/15/2012
From how far away can you get a headshot with the KSG (Archived)Kant_Remoob_Eht111/15/2012
stikeforce missions (Archived)swongq311/15/2012
So what's the verdict on this game? (Archived)
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I'm all sad and torn up about not getting my copy of blops 2 (Archived)ReggieBush09411/15/2012
funny how modern warfare has made people refuse to change their tactics (Archived)npo86211/15/2012
How to Shotgun (Archived)Shikazure511/15/2012
best maps (Archived)BloodShadowX111/15/2012
can I beat the game on Veteran... (Archived)TheTwigsta211/15/2012
Exchange AC 3 for this game? (Archived)Extraspectre711/15/2012
Treyarch officially sucks. (Archived)
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For those of you with halo 4 (Archived)
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I can equip myself any way i want for public ranked matches (Archived)dankbud611/15/2012
Green street lights in Tranzit (Archived)2006_311/15/2012
Alright, this is what I think... (Archived)glassghost0911/15/2012
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