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Does scavenger not work? Wtf? (Archived)Majik25311/14/2012
How are you monsters level freakin 40 already? (Archived)Takuru711/14/2012
Gun Levels and prestige (Archived)super hotshot bowser1011/14/2012
Why all the disgust for this game? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Would you recommend this game for me? (Archived)oJoRdAn23o711/14/2012
MW3 is better than this (Archived)MA72C0S611/14/2012
Best Ending Guide [Video] (Contains Spoilers) (Archived)xSpaceGhost311/14/2012
just me or is some stuff blatantly broken? (Archived)
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I'm a BEAST in Halo 4 but I suck at CoD. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
is Live down for everyone else? (Archived)BrooklynsOwn111/14/2012
Wetwork Challenge (Emblem) (Archived)BeastlyMonk211/14/2012
How do you feel about the fire in zombies maps (Poll)Teh_5_Starz711/14/2012
Sniper Frog is back (Archived)RussianBacon211/14/2012
are you guys having the same problems... (Archived)yaajmane211/14/2012
"Potentially" the best CoD game ever made (Archived)Shikazure511/14/2012
How do you... (Story spoilers) (Archived)PennState0411411/14/2012
Campaign's story writer also wrote Dark Knight/Dark Knight Rises (Archived)Asherned111/14/2012
is it just me or are grenades too strong (Archived)queirotacobell811/14/2012
After hours of getting SWAT to Level 10 with K/D taking a hit (Archived)zerooriginal611/14/2012
So im really enjoying multiplayer! But theres one map that irks me like no other (Archived)Alts___Alt511/14/2012
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