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Treyarch officially sucks.
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For those of you with halo 4
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I can equip myself any way i want for public ranked matchesdankbud611/15/2012
Green street lights in Tranzit2006_311/15/2012
Alright, this is what I think...glassghost0911/15/2012
Another small complaint: you are frozen when stealing packagesLittleshrtstout811/15/2012
My biggest complaint about this game: 9th prestige looks ugly... AGAIN!Littleshrtstout711/15/2012
beating campaign unlocks zombies?SubwooferKing311/15/2012
ELPRESADOR finally hates this game
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Do you need to complete the strike for missions to get the veteran achievement?PennState0411411/15/2012
MW3 should have never been made and that BO2 should have continued the MW seriesOverd0s511/15/2012
Is there a upload site for BO2?Admiral_Xyes111/15/2012
I'm kind of disturbed that stats don't show for guns you haven't unlocked.zxrax_alt_1811/15/2012
How do you feel about hardpoint?Lockon711/15/2012
Multiplayer theme music is the greatest multiplayer theme so far in cod imoHiraishin411/15/2012
Okay, where the **** is JUGGER-NOG in Tranzit?whiteboygene611/15/2012
Anyone try the 3d mode yet?
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I'm level 45 and I just got my first gold weapon :)Ga-ymer811/15/2012
lightning strikes, how good?ragefan187611/15/2012
How did you feel before and after you shot (spoilers)happypor100pre511/15/2012
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