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So the terrorists in this game have Metal Gear!? (Archived)BroadwayGPU211/14/2012
Any suggestions? (spoils) (Archived)MikeLeit89311/14/2012
Do you have to restart to change your choices? (Archived)VGMan01111/14/2012
Holy crap...I thought this game was great...I thought I loved it... (Archived)vetsniper221011/14/2012
ITT: Nominate your candidates for the OP guns of BO2 (Archived)
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Minority Report references in campaign? (Archived)PingPong5361511/14/2012
Sentry Guns and other placeable "point"streaks. (Archived)davidthedawg639611/14/2012
Too bad the match-making isn't futuristic. (Archived)NBA2KXX311/14/2012
That club level.... (Archived)PennState0411311/14/2012
No CoD game has been this fast pace since MW2 ... (Archived)known2FAIL111/14/2012
I 6000+ points and went 49-17 with 37 confirms in KC and lost.. (Archived)DepreceV2711/14/2012
Question, even though I know the answer (Archived)Crayonmuffin911/14/2012
network help (Archived)Michelangelo_x1111/14/2012
So what is this game's campaign lulz? (Archived)SgtFoley711/14/2012
haven't touched MP (Archived)2sips1rip711/14/2012
My reaction to getting ballistic and galva in zombies (Archived)shemzahaay211/14/2012
Watch me lose. (Archived)Link43130411/14/2012
So which guns are the Best? (Archived)
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How the **** do you play nuketown zombies. (Archived)furykidd411/14/2012
So no secret found yet on the main screen? (Archived)Net Shark111/14/2012
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