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Twic now my care package was wasted!!!! (Archived)glassghost0711/14/2012
I heard that the only thing that resets upon prestige is your rank (Archived)pyrokinesis666411/14/2012
BF3 fan question (Archived)Tangled_27411/14/2012
How do I play nuketown on zombies? (Archived)shemzahaay411/14/2012
I hate the pushing feature (Archived)Hiraishin611/14/2012
Scorestreak question (Archived)Inadoggy111/14/2012
Such an improvement over MW3 (Archived)Coop14311/14/2012
Campaign achievements help (Archived)DavidZ2844211/14/2012
I'm confused (Combat Training) (Archived)glassghost0211/14/2012
I miss Death Quotes (Archived)BigFatRichard111/14/2012
Hit Marker Complaints? (Archived)Elektrik_Shadow111/14/2012
Do you get any permanent unlock coins after you prestige once? (Archived)RetroDruid511/14/2012
I like this game, but there's one thing I miss...... (Archived)aj4x94111/14/2012
Figured out multiplayer. Look at these ridiculous numbers (Huge advice!) (Archived)
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Midnight release. How excited were you?! (Archived)MLGmadgamer1011/14/2012
When I get the final kill came. I always send the dude a message. (Archived)MartiMcFly411/14/2012
Guy with better connection will always kill you (Archived)Hiraishin111/14/2012
Good thing Halo 4 came out a week ago... (Archived)
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Need more bengay (Archived)Egosascyth211/14/2012
Hunter Killer (Archived)thepatman11211/14/2012
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