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If Treyarch let you pick only 1 map to bring back in BO2... (Archived)
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What is the best way to replay the game on Veteran? I mean... (Archived)Sunhawk311/14/2012
How long untill the "honeymoon" period wears off? (Archived)Linctagon71011/14/2012
Why is there a laser sight attachment for Sniper rifles? (Archived)Rafahil19211/14/2012
When you open up the main MP menu and go to options, what is your "connectivity" (Archived)zxrax_alt_1411/14/2012
UAV should cost 475 points (Archived)codyallen25811/14/2012
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Combat Training (offline) questions (Archived)wugeezy611/14/2012
So does this feel like black ops or mw3? (Archived)TheRedDash611/14/2012
justin bieber plays this game? i think i saw him last night. (Archived)BeautyAndABeat711/14/2012
I've finally figured it out (Archived)antytony411/14/2012
"Hostile UAV inbound." (Archived)
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Calling all emblem makers. (Archived)Nordini411/14/2012
Is the multiplayer/zombies better than the original Black Ops? (Archived)NobleRoar311/14/2012
Face Paint? (Archived)AndrewHD111/14/2012
Servers are down WTF!? (Archived)
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New Game Comes out --> Everyone is crying... (Archived)whitelytning1011/14/2012
In just 7 hours and 52 minutes of online play... (Archived)
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so sucks like mw3 (Archived)
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The PDW-57 is pure garbage, I can't even play this game because of it (Archived)
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