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so sucks like mw3 (Archived)
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The PDW-57 is pure garbage, I can't even play this game because of it (Archived)
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So is there any point in playing search and destroy anymore? (Archived)OneMillionKids911/14/2012
Shooting down uav with fmj (Archived)Crono373611/14/2012
I miss the SAM so much :< (Archived)shemzahaay211/14/2012
Old Fashioned Acheivement (Archived)SkeddyConway611/14/2012
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Challenge help and question with mission out comes *SPOILERS* (Archived)DurableDoor024311/14/2012
Oh ghost, what did they do to you? (Archived)zeppo_basic311/14/2012
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My first online game of zombies (Archived)davidthedawg639711/14/2012
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How well are you playing so far (poll inside)? (Poll)
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My review of the game. (Archived)
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Anyone with a mic and willing to play Tranzit? (Archived)masterp2007411/14/2012
Enemy lightning strike inc- (Archived)Yochodo311/14/2012
I really wanted to like this but the shooting just feels off. (Archived)megamanzero1000211/14/2012