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So are multiplayer matches as lopsided as past cod games? (Archived)Ritalinfiend711/14/2012
So I've been noticing a lot of complaint threads, and to those of you... (Archived)
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Hey guys, got any tips to become better online? (Archived)abnergoinbig111/14/2012
Got the preorder Playercard to finally work. (Archived)KrazyTheKlown10111/14/2012
I'm not getting XP for my weapons? (Archived)TerryG20012211/14/2012
firing range and summit maps hope get the remake treatment (Archived)
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Hey BLOPS 2, I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish...(/sarcasm) (Archived)DzxSaints611/14/2012
How does Grief mode work? (Archived)ElricVanClaus411/14/2012
Livestream of Nuketown Combat Training (Archived)konkor411/14/2012
Prom night question (Archived)MegaManZ3ro811/14/2012
haha Probation (Archived)OrgeLambart211/14/2012
Not getting this until Sunday, am I right in this assumption? (Archived)parkourboybryan411/14/2012
Split screen over system link (Archived)LegatoBluesommers511/14/2012
Well... (Archived)DMoney850BFL111/14/2012
Lol at everybody complaining! (Archived)JiZjAz611/14/2012
What did they do about dashboarders? (Archived)Nordini411/14/2012
what do you do when there is an enemy UAV in the air if you dont have secondary? (Archived)
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Joining games problem (Archived)PyroManya777111/14/2012
Is there system link with 4 player splitscreen? (Archived)MasterVading611/14/2012
If i walk into Walmart at 12:01 will i get Nuketown? (Archived)wilmer007411/14/2012
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