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Care Packages bouncing....or something. (Archived)nuschler2212111/14/2012
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this game is really good (Archived)forgotten02851011/14/2012
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This game is boring... no offense. (Archived)
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New attachment unlock system is awful. (Archived)Emir_Parkreiner311/14/2012
Anyone else not really getting a feel for the maps? (Archived)Michael-kun311/14/2012
Anyone know where I can get BO2 with Nuketown for $60 online? (Archived)dagamer657311/14/2012
This, or Halo 4 (Archived)
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I got it back! (Archived)0PTICS211/14/2012
Green Valley Zombies - Safe (Archived)robirmingham411/14/2012
Should I even bother getting this game? (Archived)
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If treyarch and infinity ward, completely fixed their cod games (Poll)pyrokinesis6661011/14/2012
can I play tranzit with 4 peopel or is it one player only (Archived)BignutzisBack511/14/2012
"This game is bad because I suck at it." (Archived)
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This is the hardest CoD yet. It is not bad. You are bad. Adapt, or play MW3. (Archived)
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