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Anyone have any good Domination class setup suggestions? (Archived)Deadpoetic99111/14/2012
Vahn is doing an AMA on Reddit right now. (Archived)zxrax_alt_1511/14/2012
lolz at half you people (Archived)
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How do you Codcast or spectate? (Archived)WhiteAngel50311/14/2012
Swastika emblems (Archived)Thierrymon911/14/2012
cant into a regular game (Archived)Spartan0fCha0s8311/14/2012
I don't understand how you people think this game is bad. (Archived)
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Do Party Games count towards stats? (Archived)NiNtEnDoMaNiAc1311/14/2012
Does League Play count toward your main stats? (Archived)stridery2511/14/2012
tranzit guide (Archived)DolphLundgrennn311/14/2012
Turret in zombies... (Archived)XOmegaProphetX511/14/2012
I think I got banned from Tranzit or something.... (Archived)PathlessBullet211/14/2012
Tranzit is really well done....The rest of the zombie maps kind of blow... C/D? (Archived)Mander1861811/14/2012
C/D The amount of aim assist in this game is a joke (Archived)Phazon_Wolf511/14/2012
how to make the pack a punch machine (spoilers) (Archived)Mikesinger19411/14/2012
So here is my beginning thoughts on Black Ops II so far (Archived)thebest99111/14/2012
disable aim assist in MP (Archived)Yochodo811/14/2012
I hate Amazon... (Archived)
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It's day two, still keep getting kicked out of almost every game (Archived)Gamer_Dude12345611/14/2012
Make a list of why Blops2 is like MW3. (Archived)
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