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Question about Karma (spoilers) (Archived)supernite211/14/2012
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Class disappearing? (Archived)dan0314111/14/2012
"There's a boat on the beach. Come on!" (Archived)MK_God411/14/2012
So what's new in this one from Black Ops 1 and MW3? (Archived)XLegendKillerX211/14/2012
How come noone is talking about Nuketown 2.0? (Archived)Takuru611/14/2012
MSMC doesn't seem THAT good... (Archived)XxOblivion77911/14/2012
Why is cod so popular online when its so fake? no blood in a war game? (Archived)
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Why the hate? (Archived)
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This game is way more popular then Halo (Archived)
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Max weapon level? (Archived)breakbad02111/14/2012
Are 360 users having the same online problems as us PS3 users? (Archived)AlmiGht33B0mbeR811/14/2012
Ruining Ghost perk backfired? (Archived)
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Who else feels like a lab rat when they play MP!!! (Archived)snakeyes01111/14/2012
weapon prestige (Archived)Flee772211/14/2012
can anyone else get there dragonfire playercard code to work. (Archived)
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I just wish Laser Sight was the first unlock for shotguns. (Archived)SherlockHomey311/14/2012