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So what rank are you? (Archived)PavlovaOfFear511/13/2012
If you have a problem with Black Ops 2, you can cancel your DirecTv subscription (Archived)nuschler2212111/13/2012
Game automatically ends when someone dashboards? (Archived)
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I didn't manage to pre-order the game in time... (Archived)
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I miss... (Archived)Garviel_Lokan111/13/2012
How is the multiplayer/zombies? (Archived)firepyro121211/13/2012
This game is extremely fun (Archived)odogs4711/13/2012
How do you get gold camo? (Archived)mattagascar511/13/2012
WaW>CoD4>CoD2>MW2>MW3>COD3>BO>BO2 (Archived)SexPantherPanda111/13/2012
wow didnt know this game was this bad (Archived)
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Connection Interupted (Archived)harmonyvid25111/13/2012
WTF happened to turbine? (Archived)CatholicPriest7311/13/2012
Live streaming zombies easter egg craziness anyone wanna help? (Archived)zxrax_alt_1211/13/2012
Damn you UPS!!! (Archived)chuckboston2k3311/13/2012
Where to find multiplayer list... (Archived)LionHartZero511/13/2012
Over/Under (Archived)Lisbon14215811/13/2012
How is the hit detection in this game? (Archived)JJBE511/13/2012
So, my friends are asleep from playing this game last night, but I'm interested. (Archived)XImperialDragon511/13/2012
10 slots (Archived)cbc72511/13/2012
So according to this Drift0r video about shotguns... (Archived)parkourboybryan611/13/2012
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