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Questions about Zombies... (Archived)
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is.anyone.else playing horrible on mp? (Archived)onemic11526511/13/2012
Are all these trolls around when other annually released games are released? (Archived)MrArmageddon8111/13/2012
Zombie campaign? (Archived)almightyblinker411/13/2012
I like every map in this game better than any map in MW3. (Archived)Agnostic420111/13/2012
Are bullet wounds not a normal detail in the SP and MP this time? (Archived)SixStringHero211/13/2012
Is there combat traing? (Archived)drdweeb211/13/2012
Grief mode seems like an afterthought. (Archived)beds2411/13/2012
Did they really nurf s&d.. (Archived)sir_adam911/13/2012
First map you played and what did you think of it? (Archived)Ryven111/13/2012
Game has horrible controls. (Archived)The_Djoker311/13/2012
does this game have gore like WAW? (Archived)Dusk_411/13/2012
no footstep sounds? (Archived)skeetrodamus12711/13/2012
How is this? (Archived)YetiCurbStomp311/13/2012
Halo 4 or BO2 (Archived)
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Class setup ideas (Archived)Lisbon14215111/13/2012
Now i'm seriously on the fence....should i? (Archived)
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This says all positive stuff (Archived)Net Shark211/13/2012
Cod sucks because there is no blood spatter! (Archived)Koking1987711/13/2012
Heres what is wrong with the Multiplayer(wall of text): (Archived)
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