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Now i'm seriously on the fence....should i? (Archived)
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This says all positive stuff (Archived)Net Shark211/13/2012
Cod sucks because there is no blood spatter! (Archived)Koking1987711/13/2012
Heres what is wrong with the Multiplayer(wall of text): (Archived)
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Post all your rage moments here!! (Archived)
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User score 5.5/10? (Archived)UncleDolanDuck511/13/2012
So some PC copies of Black Ops II contain content for Mass Effect 2 instead. (Archived)Jackie_Chandler411/13/2012
Need more players to balance teams (Archived)Kwizxx311/13/2012
all that can be played offline? (Archived)EricDraven59411/13/2012
Intro (Archived)BloodShadowX111/13/2012
oh ya baby COD IS KING (Archived)
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So glad Nuketown 2025 is it's own playlist (Archived)
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Revenge spawns back? (Archived)darkshadowmaster111/13/2012
Dat PDW-57 (Archived)SwordToTheChest211/13/2012
u cod mad? small maps go boom big mad? (Archived)
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How big is install? (Archived)SackBoi511/13/2012
Combat Training info, please (Archived)tcrawlerace311/13/2012
The spawns are terrible. (Archived)Caolan_2k9111/13/2012
Does anybody else find the amount of UAVs on this game ridiculous? (Archived)
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How are the shotguns? (Archived)Chadaarnook811/13/2012
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