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Hated Black Ops 1, loved MW1 + MW2 will I hate BO2 also (Archived)firehawk19951011/13/2012
$49.99 @ TRU + patch + poster on 10 minute wait (Archived)
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Combat training (Archived)goon56411/13/2012
Don't believe the hype about the MP7 (Archived)
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i got asked by 2 underage kids to buy this for them. (Archived)
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Anyone else impressed by the maps? (Archived)Cyanade411/13/2012
Been playing for over 5 hours a day I do not like it at all. (Archived)Siege1011/13/2012
this is the best game ever guys (Archived)kirbydude385511/13/2012
All I hear when I shoot someone in this game is... (Archived)Linctagon7111/13/2012
Knifing isn't EZ (Archived)billableskills211/13/2012
Haha... guy almost spun out and wrecked his car trying to be "cool".... (Archived)
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CoD Elite BO2 question (Archived)lapinchelagalle311/13/2012
Hopefully this game's guns don't look like melted ice cream like blops 1 (Archived)jessejarrar511/13/2012
Yeeeeaaah go me (Archived)
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Will I like this installment? (Archived)GeseIIschaft611/13/2012
I wanna do something nice for people waiting on line for the midnight release. (Archived)
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And to cap it off, the PS Store isn't working. (Archived)raymanfan1911/13/2012
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