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So will there be a Day 1 patch? (Archived)MrMonkhouse711/13/2012
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Reminder: All COD's SUCK on Day 1....they all get fixed (Archived)
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So about the terms of conduct... (Archived)cabcalloway1983311/13/2012
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What's a good ping in BO2? (Archived)Styrof0am811/13/2012
It feels like people are camping more than any cod i ever played... (Archived)
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Corridor shooter or room to roam around this time in campaign mode? (Archived)dark_rising76311/13/2012
Hardpoint is really easy to w**** scorestreaks. (Archived)zxrax_alt_1711/13/2012
i have one question alone. (Archived)ANinjaVampire211/13/2012
Zombies won't load. Stuck at loading. Help? (Archived)ingo4211/13/2012
So does anyone in the campaign is there infinite respawning enemies? (Archived)Homie_202411/13/2012
How's the Executioner, and the B233R? (Archived)zerooo0911/13/2012
Okay, what's the workaround with having two colors in one symbol in an Emblem? (Archived)FlipManV3711/13/2012
Emblems? (Archived)davidthedawg639111/13/2012
So I just did some testing and it appears that select fire weakens the SWAT-556. (Archived)SteveBob311/13/2012
Has anyone unlocked the M8A1 yet? (Archived)YusukeUrameshi7111/13/2012
First nerf (Archived)
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Not enjoying MP at all (Archived)
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