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The Majority of People Posting Here Hate COD. (Archived)
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Nuketown Zombies codes willing to trade? (Archived)_huh611/13/2012
Preordered this for PS3. (Archived)L0Z611/13/2012
is anyone else getting no data for leaderboards? (Archived)WTFNightmare511/13/2012
thank you harper.. (Archived)eL_Problematik611/13/2012
Every CoD release is a holiday for me! (Archived)goemon1977611/13/2012
My only issue is the amount of health we have (Archived)iamsuperdude29411/13/2012
Hardline question (Archived)Thomassmith19411/13/2012
Let the annual CoD cycle begin......again. (Archived)
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Question about offline bots...... (Archived)antara2311/13/2012
Closer to MW3 or Blops 1? (Archived)
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How the **** do you use Dragonfire? (Archived)_Cryptic_Ripper311/13/2012
Going back to MW3.. (Archived)
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So what did come with the game? (Archived)Net Shark711/13/2012
Shouldnt FMJ do less damage not more? (Archived)L0Z311/13/2012
Who should I tweet at to tell of my dissatisfaction? (Archived)
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anyone else leaderboards reset? (Archived)reptileegg311/13/2012
SSo people see the new CoD and figure it's time to post? (Archived)Shy420411/13/2012
Who is the voice actor for the zombie mode player? (Archived)
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Glad I resisted the urge to buy (Archived)SpacedDuck511/13/2012
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