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I can't wait to play multiplayer. (Archived)lolcharizard311/11/2012
So... single player: Play it first, play it later, or skip it altogether? (Archived)
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Snipers (from a distance) sound like they did in W@W (Archived)BrokeMyMonitor811/11/2012
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According to COD wiki you have to PREORDER Hardened or Care Package Edition to (Archived)
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In HC Search, when an enemy fires unsilenced can you see it on the start map? (Archived)BattleAxeRX811/11/2012
i got it, LETS MAKE A GAMEFAQS CLAN. (Archived)
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Livestream? (Archived)
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52 minutes until first reviews come out! (Archived)
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Halo 4 or BO2? Only want to get one but having a hard time on which. (Archived)
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If they released all BO and WaW zombie maps... (Archived)
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so am I going to be able to walk right into best buy and come out with hardened (Archived)Heroicmedic921011/11/2012
Found these Security & Enforcement Policy. (Archived)
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how they gunnna do 4v4 zombs on such small maps (Archived)
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What Is Your Favorite Call Of Duty Game? (Poll)
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