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Is this game as good as MW3? if not ill have to get halo 4. (Archived)
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is the spawn system like BF3 TDM spawn system? (Archived)
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Right now, I am expecting ELPRESADOR to call this the best COD ever... (Archived)_Moron_211/12/2012
How long is the campaign? (Archived)
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Hardened Edition Sold Out? (Archived)
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I have a question about Tranzit mode (Archived)
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What exactly comes with the hardened edition.. (the coins) (Archived)
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Is joing parties in game quick like BO or slow like MW3/2 (Archived)AnatomyHorror911/12/2012
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ghost: the most nerfed perk in the history of COD (Archived)
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