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this or far cry 3? (Archived)campersniper1011/12/2012
What will be the most annoying topics on this board after the game Launches? (Poll)
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how many zombie maps will be available on release? (Archived)ozzyneverdies711/12/2012
Built-In Youtube Livestream feature? (Archived)GodlyTwins211/12/2012
Best Buy vs. Gamestop midnight opening (Archived)
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"International Waters" (Archived)Ayrshore311/12/2012
What's with all these baseless complaints about COD games? (Archived)SilverFTFD711/12/2012
So hows this whole free roam thing working for you so far? (Archived)HELZERO911/12/2012
should I go Tesco and stock up on veggie burgers? (Archived)reptileegg611/12/2012
NukeyNookieTown Zombie Wombiez included/available in Season Pass holder December (Archived)ThankMeNowBLEHH311/12/2012
Hardened Edition, Worth it or not? (Archived)ShinRaKnight611/12/2012
Haven't paid any attention to this game. 2 questions. (Archived)whitelytning711/12/2012
Why is the most popular custom emblem a Deek? (Archived)The_Big_Deek911/12/2012
Nuketown Zombies will be available for season pass holders in decenber (Archived)
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only thing i am worried about all this banning. (Archived)ish0turfac3211/12/2012
I haven't played COD in 6 months (Archived)
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My gamestop pre order shipped! (Archived)RaTedRoGeR211/12/2012
It's 20:33 and it hasn't been dispatched (Archived)DecmanC111/12/2012
i expect this multiplayer to be easy as ever (Archived)
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Who else is glad its more like MW3? Blops was awful.... (Archived)
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