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Who else is glad its more like MW3? Blops was awful.... (Archived)
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Ghost perk lvl 55 unlock (Archived)iNikeOne911/12/2012
So, how many of you will be playing this along with other shooters? (Archived)XCrossYZ811/12/2012
Anyone see footage of swarm gameplay yet? (Archived)TJ_UNLIMITED211/12/2012
Prestige cap xp (Archived)FancyGent111/12/2012
They need a shotgun with frag rounds. (Archived)
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Game would be better with... (Archived)SackBoi211/12/2012
UK members, what are you doing in the run up to midnight? (Archived)NiNtEnDoMaNiAc1111/12/2012
Questions for those who have it (Archived)DReedy917311/12/2012
Anyone know how many times you can prestige your gun? (Archived)OmegaReaper21311/12/2012
This can't really be new. (Archived)
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any conformation on able to see ur other COD embles ? (Archived)shiva9999211/12/2012
Preliminary Weapon Unlock List (Archived)Jnak6311/12/2012
grenade question (Archived)bebetoc411/12/2012
i hope game stop preorders have real codes for nukentown (Archived)Jaredexe811/12/2012
Any footage of tactical mask in action? (Archived)Zam0rak_3511/12/2012
AHHHHH IT IS finally HERE (Archived)
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Zombies music easter egg question (Archived)Plo568311/12/2012
Gamefly shipped this morning.... (Archived)BCJMU99411/12/2012
Prestige bonus? (Archived)Net Shark911/12/2012
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