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So, who's just strolling in to WalMart at 12:01am and picking this up tomorrow? (Archived)
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What Map are you most excited for ? (Archived)NeonYoshi11811/11/2012
Dubstep confirmed, preorder cancelled. (Archived)
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Why the hell were Sleight of Hand and Steady Aim removed? (Archived)UltimaXOmega511/11/2012
Will BO2 bring back AI in offline multiplayer? (Archived)Bridge_Hanson511/11/2012
I thought panic knifing was removed (Archived)
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You guys ready for the midnight release marathon? (Archived)
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Anyone want to form a group to play HQ! Teamwork and mic required. (Archived)Sid33ffect311/11/2012
Some Tranzit info, tips and tricks to prepare you for release day. (Archived)
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Changes to Domination (Archived)
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I can't wait to play multiplayer. (Archived)lolcharizard311/11/2012
So... single player: Play it first, play it later, or skip it altogether? (Archived)
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Snipers (from a distance) sound like they did in W@W (Archived)BrokeMyMonitor811/11/2012
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