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People in Orlando FL that got the game early (Archived)jaye31987311/12/2012
is walmart a good place for midnight releases? (Archived)jasonkingmark711/12/2012
Zombies boring, Campaign shorter, Multiplayer like MW3.. Why buy this? (Archived)
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This whole ghost thing is out of hand, I might not get BO2 (Archived)
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Dilemma... (Archived)orBhsiF511/12/2012
So there aren't any medium sized or large maps? Why? (Archived)
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What would you suggest? Line up BEFORE midnight or show up AT midnight (Archived)
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Will best buys be open at midnight for this game? (Archived)Nordini311/12/2012
Wait, so these maps are smaller than MW3's for the most part? Or.. (Archived)Luthor_611/12/2012
what if anything is the penalty for team killing griefers? (Archived)RepublicanThug711/12/2012
The name "Ghost" doesn't even make sense anymore (Archived)
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Got the game a few hours ago (Archived)
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pc or Xbox? (Archived)
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I hope they don't have missing footsteps when you run (Archived)nuschler2212411/12/2012
Black ops 2 nyc (Archived)tito10269511/12/2012
Grief - 8 Players Zombies Gameplay (Archived)Azurevesper211/12/2012
Got the game on friday and just completed the campaign (Archived)djsammy1711/12/2012
is rapid fire still an attachment (Archived)Hagan711/12/2012
Is war returning? (Archived)I_Am_Good17211/12/2012
How will you be getting your copy? (Archived)
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