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Will Gamestop sell me this game if I am high? (Archived)
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can someone who owns it list all the MP gametypes (Archived)NinjaDeath911511/12/2012
Best Buy Play it early Event Question. is it at ALL BB stores or NO (Archived)XT3M3211/12/2012
quick scavenger question (Archived)ShadowRaiden00211/12/2012
For the midnight release... (Archived)BluesSoul617711/12/2012
The best Miracle of Sound Call of Duty song? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So how does the Prestige refund thing work? (Archived)SteveBob411/12/2012
Pre-Order Questions (Archived)Squidmonkey411/12/2012
Anyone gonna shoot down air support like me?:) (Archived)
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Any videos of QBB LSW gameplay anywhere? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So I pay $20 more for a one month early pass and camo... (Archived)SackBoi411/12/2012
question about ingame bots? (Archived)
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Got a text from GameStop yesterday... (Archived)Gritz_N_Gravy13311/12/2012
Zombies Grief Mode Gameplay! (Archived)
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Why do they keep.... (Archived)Garviel_Lokan411/12/2012
So where do I buy this Season Pass? (Archived)SteveBob111/12/2012
Please help about Xbox Headsets and converter! (Archived)SackBoi111/12/2012
Wired controller? (Archived)
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Do you guys think I should get number 1 in line for midnight launch? (Archived)RE4_Stranger111/12/2012
Black Ops 2 is amazons most pre ordered game ever (Archived)SonyHoundDawg111/12/2012
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