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just to clerify, EVERY copy comes with nuketown bonus map? (Archived)JediBoB101911/11/2012
Haven't followed this one at all: what is different from the previous games? (Archived)Louisville15211/11/2012
Ground War will be in Blops 2??? (Archived)LordAPX911/11/2012
Lightning strike.. (Archived)Maiken100611/11/2012
To everyone that has the game already.. Did you recieve a 26mb update today? (Archived)
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What playlists will be in ground war? (Archived)JordanLind7211/11/2012
So does this game have Batman briefs? (Archived)Aristoph411/11/2012
I don't even have the game yet, ask me anything. (Archived)AndThereItGoes1911/11/2012
Sooooo (Archived)Mc_Lagger111/11/2012
Nuketown 2025 'proofs' (Archived)Ayrshore811/11/2012
Be honest which cod has been the most hyped? (Archived)
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Nuketown 2025/24/7 (Archived)
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Zombies Mode (Archived)
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so they completely nerf ghost and make it a unlock at lvl 55 (Archived)
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Concerning the hate about the new Ghost: (Archived)
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All these years and still no ping counters on the scoreboard. (Archived)fatclemenza611/11/2012
Hows the camping (Archived)
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For those who have it, How do you rank this among all the cod's (Archived)
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If I walk into Best Buy and buy game will I have Nuketown 2025? (Archived)kaMMakaZZi29711/11/2012
just hit level 9 ask me anything(about mp so far) (Archived)
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