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Black ops 2 nyc (Archived)tito10269511/12/2012
Grief - 8 Players Zombies Gameplay (Archived)Azurevesper211/12/2012
Got the game on friday and just completed the campaign (Archived)djsammy1711/12/2012
is rapid fire still an attachment (Archived)Hagan711/12/2012
Is war returning? (Archived)I_Am_Good17211/12/2012
How will you be getting your copy? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
Anyone else with Gamestop pre-order codes not working? (Archived)Bridge_Hanson611/12/2012
How long will they hold my black ops 2 hardened edition? (Archived)ktbandit611/12/2012
Another update (Archived)dammitdan57911/12/2012
UK version come with nuketown zombies? (Archived)imran_666111/12/2012
Map sizes compared to MW3? (Archived)codyallen25711/12/2012
Oh... My... God. (Archived)
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Any sign of Face-Off? (Archived)pokylightstar111/12/2012
What are your predictions for the best gun attachments? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Will you still player Black Ops after this is released? (Poll)Speedmaster1225911/12/2012
Dead silence/awareness in SnD (Archived)BTM4444311/12/2012
Anyone else gonna dolphin dive off a tall cliff in their first MP match? (Archived)EvalAngell611/12/2012
does the hunter killer drone just seem like a really bad idea to anyone else? (Archived)Cursedsasuke1761011/12/2012
Anyone got theirs from shopto yet? (Archived)smerf1911/12/2012
They are really pushing the Nuketown Pre order bonus... (Archived)CalmLikeABomb67611/12/2012
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